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Spy doji here, up or down ? I'm confused where it will go.
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HUV trend down? vix option expired already and it's new run now. and I'll open my position if it drops within $25~$25.5 in coming days.
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BTC doji Let's see what will happen 2:00 pm May 8th - 2:00pm May11th.
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Fishing game over? It looks like hours bull trend is over. Let's see if it can re-bounce at 20050 .Comment: Let's see what will happen between Sunday midnight to Monday early morning . I'll close my short position if it blow up 28050 I'll load more if it drop below 26000Comment:Comment: I'm watching if it can hit 28050 before 8:30am Monday. Let's see what will happen.Trade active: Great job, It reach 28050, and I'll setup my short position. and I won't close my short position till April 10th. thanks for all pumper. Good luck!Comment:Trade active: keep blowing, Please. I'll add more short positionTrade active: According to current volumes , do you think it can really jump out current range box? that's impossible mission .Comment: blow higher, dive deeper! Good luck.I'll be back in midnight .Comment:Comment:Comment:Comment:Comment: Correction or falling knife is coming? whatever, it is not time to enter this point.Comment: I can not wait and I short it at 28050, if you do not hold any short position, wait till it drop down 26000. there should be good short entry. but I do not recommend to play with BTC in coming weeks.Saving money to buy dip index IWM, QQQ.Comment: pumper, keep blowing, there still have room.Comment:Comment:Comment: Let's see how pumper to re-draw those indicator.Comment: anyone short at 20050 can cover it with profit now. but I still hold mine.Comment:Comment: BTC trading is dangerous, Again, who has followed my post and shorted at 20050, you'd make decision by yourself when to quit your position. and save your money and be ready for coming pull back for QQQ,IWM and SPY. thanks all. and I will not keep post anything about this thread.Comment:Comment:Comment:Trade active:Comment:Comment:Trade closed manually: Falling down is extending from lower time frame to higher time frame. I won't close my short position until 17160. At most, I won't take any profit from this trading.I'll transfer myself to SPY and QQQ in next 2 weeks. and I won't keep update this one any more. Hope you guys earn enough from short BTC Today. Good luck!Comment:Comment:Comment:Comment:Comment:Comment:Comment:Comment: Again, if you trade BTC, whatever you make call or put, please control your shares and control risk within your Afford-abilities, roll over with small amount share. Don't be greedyComment: it looks like sell off will extend to day frame soon. but there should be some dead cat re-bounces in lower level time frame.Comment:Comment: Before Fed meeting ,It seems that I only can trade BTC .Do not buy Vix and do not buy QQQ today , we need to wait for their pulling back .Comment: It looks like US$ will re-bounce and QQQ need to be pulled back and BTC will gap down. I guess it might be lastest run for QQQ be pulled back before next turn's re-bounceComment:Comment:Comment: if you trade following my post, I just remind you find good time point to take profit and re-enter with your profit to do next run. that's most safe way to play with BTCComment:Comment:Comment: thank you blower, I appreciate this dead cat bounce, I already re-entered my short position. thank you for giving me second chance. great job! btw, if you hedge BTC with QQQ today, you'll lost profit soon today. haha~~~~~Comment: last 15 mins, do not dive, please. I'd like play multi-run.Comment:Comment: Do not expect to fish more. it's clear enough and no more fish like your hook.Comment: I won't take profit and close my second run's short position. I'll take it later tomorrow. for those who has big position, you'd better take profit . and tomorrow we still have chanceComment: Alert: It's not time to buy BTC. if you really want to buy BTC , at least you should have short position as hedge protection.Comment: Do not try to trade in all price range. Just trade in profitable range. blowing higher, dive deeper, let it go and short at higher price. I have to leave for playing basketball and will be back to pickup money soon. haha~~~~~~Comment: It seems there is no chance for me to do the third run trading. let's see what will happen tomorrow. and I just took a quick look at the overview of day chart.Comment: I don't think there is any chance for BTC to make a big breakout recently. it still need to consolidate and to do a long period bottom fish ,so that it can support such a big head.Comment: It's good chance for those intraday traders to surf in such extendable triangle box. enjoy and good luck!Comment: I won't take any small bite any more. just wait till it drops to my profitable range or it makes a big jump to take away all of my profit. I accept either way. Do not learn from me except you already bought your current short position with profit you've earned. Otherwise, you still have to make your own plan and roll over again and again.Comment: Please ref DXY us$ chart while you trading BTD on low level time frame.Comment: Take a look day chart. I finally understand why so many blowers to blow up BTC price. BTC future contract will be expired soon and have to sell and roll over to next contract.Comment: Till midnight of March 31st, let's see what is the highest price they can blow it to. I'll buy another position. But I won't close my current position only if it drops to my profitable range before March 31stComment: In the past 6 months, you blowers can not make it jump out the downtrend channel, how can we make that miracle happen before March 31?Comment: let's take a look weekly chartComment: fasten your seat belt, it seems that DXY US$ will re-bounce up very soon.Comment: a bit boring.Comment: Real breakout should be fast and without any hesitation except it's fake and happen in night market and expect to blow it up with lowest cost.Comment:Comment:Comment: Do not buy BTC during March 21-March 31. If do not have enough experience, do not short it. I don't think it can jump into sky. let blowers play it with themselves. if it's real break out , we still have chance to buy it after March 31st. Trade safety and stay safety, Good luck!Comment:Comment: key eyes on DXY US$ trend. watch from higher time frame to lower time frame. currently, it looks like stop down signal already appear on 4h time frameComment: Even US$ looks bouncing up( actually sometimes fist bounce is fake and need to wait second up signal), I won't short QQQ as well as SPY. I'll try to find chance to buy dip QQQ and IWM. leave spy alone, at least Financial section is unstable yet. and we do not know what game FED is playing and what Wall street wants to get. I want to say sorry to BTC blowers. I promise I won't touch BTC any more after I close my short position. only because I can not find good stock to buy recently.It's too boring.Comment: watching on DXY 15min time frame, if pull back won't break down previous low. I guess, at least it'll go up till tmr noon .Comment:Comment: Going down right now, otherwise you'll lost much more cost! Think about start from 2022, Jun till now if your're too greedy!Comment: Hold your short position if there is no more than 15% profit at least. I mean short start from here.Comment: My first short position is 28050. and I won't close if it won't drop below 18000 My second short position is 28450, let me see if I need add the third position before March31st.haha~~~~~Comment:Comment:Comment: I do not like to hold third short positions. but don't force me to receive you giftComment: last night I still want to say 'sorry' to you blowers. but now, I draw back my word because you guys is too greedy! let's play.Comment: dive back where you climb up, hurry up!Comment: haha, look at that climb point. 3:15am. that's time I went to bed. shame on you!Comment: my first short position is 28050 and second position is 28450 if you're such greedy guys, you should be brave enough! Come on, blowersComment: go to hell! right way!Comment: die or liveComment: already told you blowers, my second short positions is 28450, can you blow higher so that I have chance add the third one? please also do not expect I'll close my position earlier before it dives below 18000. thank you blowers. if you feel tired, come to me and have a rest and drink coffee. haha~~~Comment: 100-500points is too small, I won't bite it, at least 10000. I'm now getting just as greedy as you blowers. come on! keep blowing!Comment:Comment: chicken nuts! blowers apple jump , microsoft jump. such good company already jump, what are you waiting for? I need to close one of my short position to buy dip QQQ.hurry up !Comment: told you agin, I won't close any of my short position now. keep blowing, share is fair.Comment: for your safety, jump off right now.Comment: DO NOT fight against FED , whatever game they're playingComment: blowers, I'll close my short position soonComment: haha~~, dare you BTC blowers short DXY now? chicken nuts. Think about it with your brain rathen your butt. In order to save you guys ,FED will decrease the value of US$? sweet dream! I already setup my sell order which will be triggered by DXY . Actually, you can work hard, there should be a bit room you can blow. thank you blowers. keep working hard and give me the third chance!Comment: Again, Do not buy. and if you have enough skill, you can short it any where above 28050, best short point maybe higher than 28450 , it depend on blower hard working. this is my opinion, not trading advice. actually, I'd recommend you just wait for QQQ pull back and buy dip. good luck and enjoy surfing!Comment:Comment: My third short order maybe can setup on this Friday. during dump, there might be a fake breakout previous daily high. that's my third order position.Comment:Comment: blowers, you can buy more rather then just waiting shorter cover call. look at DXY price direction and BTC's direction. hahaha~~Comment:Comment:Comment: good job, there still have room, I need it higher than 2900Comment: you still have 30mins for todayComment: show me your power and show me new higherComment: 20 mins left, it can more higher, working hard I'm waiting apple be pulled back to 118 and I'll close my short position without any hesitation. Doesn't matter if I need to cut for loss. hahahaComment: my short order @ 28050 and 28450 is still active.blow it higher than 29000 today, maybe I'll setup my third short position. thanks blowers!Comment: I changed my mind if it drops below 22500,I'll close my first short@28050 and switch to vix. vix is much more interesting now. hahah~~~~~~Comment: do not fle away, I'm still waiting for my third short position, blowersComment: en, I keep my 2 short positions there and just wait DXY triggered it and automatically fill it. I'm now very interested with UVXYComment: hi, blowers keep working hard.Comment: BTC blowers, do not expect 28100 can hold support for you, it won't stop falling down till 27700, there might be a little bounceComment: who is following my post , vix is a good choice for this afternoon trading. I'll pickup a little to prepare tomorrow's battle.Comment:Comment: BTC fishing bull is totally done. Game over.Comment:Comment: it's time to dive ,nowComment:Comment: thank you BTC blowers, I already bought my third position @28580. and today I'll close one because I do not like you work for hedge fund. and I do not spend too much to play with BTC blowers. just guess where I will cover my third short? hahaha~Comment: told you already do not expect 28100 can support the 3rd sell, keep going down. do you blowers need to be hammered ? hahaComment: be brave. you still have 28 mins, keep buying or fishingComment: 28250 pleaseComment: then come to 27700 please, I'll cover my third short over there. I promise. hahahaComment: do you blowers really think which called 'AI' configuration at your back office can do anything for you? respect Market , please!Comment: Blowers,Do not forget to pickup your shoes and bring your head and butt when you leave todayComment: 9mins left,work hard, 19 points to 28250Comment: boring, I'll be back @ 3:45pm to see if my third short being filled. keep working hard, blowersComment: 2 orders already being filed at 28058, ok, I have enough money to buy uvxy now. thanks blowers, please do not just copy me. hahaha~~ only one left and will be closed till April 03rd. you can take all profit from that order .haha~~, do you want give me another chance today? blowers I can use profit from those 2 shorts to buy another one.Comment: with my 2 shorts filled, you blowers can pump it much more higher. keep working and I'm waiting here till evening market. I only regret just earn around 900 pints . hahaha~~~Comment: still ugly, let's see if it can get elegant on evening market.Comment: Good job, give me big surprise to see another fake breaking out .I promise I won't short it if new breaking out comes . hahaComment: I have no interesting to play with BTC blowers any more. hahaha~ so many good stocks can be traded now.Comment:Comment: guys, save money for tomorrow's big gameComment:Comment: trade safety!Comment: BTC Futures or Options will expire on March31. BTC call & put both need to be closed (sold in higher price ) and rolled over to next contract. What they should do to make that happen? Think about it and do some lesson and take a look the past daily chart. you'll find clue. and during that process, maybe you can find clue about QQQ/SPY/IWM trend in the coming days.Comment: BTC blowers, actually, I have more than 8 short positions, when will you start blowing put price ? I can give you discount now, and let you blower more put and get much more.haha~~~~~~~Comment: if you want more put, I'll buy more short positions tomorrow morning before Fed Meeting. haha~~Comment: Just curious how you can blow out both call and put in higher price within such short time? profit X4 or X8 and how about percentage of cost in the whole process?Comment:Comment: BTC 30min chart from 2022/09-06 to 2022-09-30 and sept 30 is expire date. current situation maybe difference. please ref DXY trendComment: Again, trade safety, if you do not have any BTC position, that's great, just sit to see what happen after March 31. otherwise, you should setup your trading plan. pre-set profit target and take profit right way when it reach. Pay attention to time window: BTC second high price or second low price might appear at 10:30 am or 1:00 pm . 2:00~2:30pm/ big Volatility, big red or green bar will appear, highest and lowest price will appear at that movement.Comment: around 10 am, let's see if BTC can touch new highComment: I'll short one over there. and take profit as soon as it reach 5%Comment: I'm watching VIX and keep eyes on 19.58 that point.Comment: look at VixComment: DXYComment: if BTC still can touch new high , I guess it's between 28500 -29000. during that range I'll short it once any new high price and just take 1% profit and wait for next new hight priceComment: vix 10:30 am down to 20.28 somewhere and to test market temperature. and then up a small step and down to 19.6 around 1:00 pm to get ready for FED meeting. that's my opinion only and not advice for your invest !!Comment: whatever, for me short BTC and take profit is much more enjoyable comparing with trading others stock today.haha~~~~~~~Comment: BTC blowers, work hard, 28568 first , pleaseComment: and before FED Meeting, can you blower guys let BTC break out to 29438 ? if you can I'll award you guys with my profit. thanksComment:Comment:Comment: good job, blowers, stand there before FED meeting, otherwise I'll take profit. hahaComment:Comment: this is current DXYComment: and this is current VIXComment:Comment: come on, blowers. work hard, 29000 before 1:00pmComment: how many times you blowers tried new high price? how many times it dropped or will drop 1% ? that's all my profit! hahahaComment: hurry up, I'll be back around 12:30pm to see how many short positions will be filed and how many will be auto closed. thank you all blowers.Comment: current DXYComment: DXYComment:Comment:Comment:Comment: setup your own profit percentage and take profit before Fed MeetingComment: if richer blowers really want to give your money, do not refuse. they're richmenComment: Another remind, do not do BTC trading on Evening Market from today till March 31. Volumes can be controlled very easy. let them play with themselves.Comment: current Vix, it's on the wayComment:Comment:Comment: take profit around 12:45Comment: let it up above that red dashed line and short againComment:Comment: During Fed meeting, I'll take a break and just watch, no more trading till I can find something.Comment: thanks again ,BTC blowers. I have lunch fee already. hahaComment: blowers, work hard, I'm waiting @ 29438Comment: btw, do you blowers have short shares which grab from us? when you'll sell your put before March31? Please let me know. thank you a lot.Comment:Comment: vixComment: DXY 1MINComment: BTC blowers, What are you doing now? are you going to blower put?Comment: vix 1min 5 min 15 min time frameComment: Hi , BTC blowers, It looks like declined cup & holder is in process. are you really doing setup to blow BTC puts?Comment: BTC, blowers, I'm a little confused, you want to buy puts or sell puts? hahahaComment: blowers, if you want to buy put, it's too cheap now, I won't sell.Comment: Ok, blowers, you want to get cheap puts to protect your un-sold calls. you guys afraid of being kicked ass during FED Meeting. hahaha~, but put price is too cheap ,who will sell it to you?Comment: blowers, because you blowers believe BTC will fly into sky so just keep calls and puts together and go to your next contract. maybe in the future, I can work wit you together to blow BTC cause I have so many Puts as protection. hahaha~~~~~~`Comment: Do not look my chart, blowers. I already erase all unused line. who told you there is support above 28000? hahaha~~~~~~Comment: whatever, blowers, work hard. you have to sell out your calls before March31. Otherwise, your big boss will kick your ass. haha~~~~Comment: but blowers, you can tell your boss, it's not your fault but his strategies is outdate. I guess it might be designed by a person with very old age. hahaha~~~~~~~~Comment: DXYComment: vixComment: tie my hands and just watching.Comment: uglyComment: DIS . looks like there is a chanceComment: IXIC Nasdaq not good, need to be pulled back to consolidateComment: SPX wow!!! weekly pull back. big chance.Comment: IWM , not good but almost there.Comment: blowers, work hard, I'm waiting @ 29438 and you also can grab my put @17158. hahaha~~~~~~~Comment: I have to wait for the others move to position. but BTC already in my range. what I can do is to play with BTC. haha~~~~~Comment: Let them play and hold your hammer stand above red dashed line. just wait they send you gift.Comment: Up, hit and down, up hit and down, it's really like playing game. hahaha~~~~~Comment: remember to take profit fast and do not put too much on this ugly stuff. just repeat get small bite, once by once till it die. hahaha~~~~~~~~~~Comment: BTC blowers, there is no bottom support but there is top cap. work hard. do not waste your calls before March31Comment: blowers, what you see those line on my chart just for taking profit out not for your support. hahaha~~~~~~Comment: lower put price more I'm buying except calls. hahaha~~~Comment: fed meeting hahaha~~ BTC, blowers, it seems that you have no chance to fle away.Comment: DXYComment: vixComment: It seems no big marketing panic now except BTC. haha~~Comment: BTC, blowers. it's not good time since now. take careComment: DO NOT sell BTC puts in cheap price . DO NOT buy any BTC. No bottom but top!!!!Comment: any I even withdraw all short position orders. and do not want spend money with it whatever calls or puts. let it up and down and play by itsselfComment: I do not want continue this post any more. no more interesting with BTC. trade safe and good luck!Comment: Before I leave this post , I just want to let you know I still hold short position which I bought @28050 because I bought it with profit earned from BTC. and I let it go up or down just like deposit and will keep it long time. thank you all !Comment: guys, do not focus on BITI any more. 23,24 March I guess there are many chance to buy QQQ/IWM and so on... get ready for bounce up for a couple weeks.put money on valuable stock and that's profitable way!!Comment: chicken blowers, do not come out to fish puts now.and I won't let you sell good put price tomorrow. bring it to your next contract!!!Comment: DO NOT sell your short position today and tonight!!!! Hold Till Tomorrow and Friday, I'm pretty sure those backend 'dirty hands', they will blow Puts price.Comment: BTC will gap down with large red bar without any bounce and today's night market, those BTC blower will come out to fishing short positions.Comment: trust me all these they already setup in their system, long time ago!!! BTC is nothing but the Pools they use to get money!!Comment: Again, DO not be too greedy!. My suggestion is sell all put in the coming 3 days. no later than March31. and leave BTC trading. let's see how they'll setup next run game! hahaha~~~~~~~Comment: For those who already be fished BTC buyers. if you buy with higher price: 2 options, one is cutting for loss in coming small bounce as soon as possible. and another way is waiting for next BTC blowing come. I guess after 6 months. good luck!Comment: For those who already short BTC but on lower price level, close it no later March 26. that's what I see and suggestion. your money your decision! trade safety and enjoy!Comment: Good news for BTC blowers, I'll close my short @28050 and take profit. By chance, When I study some stocks chart, I find a way to deal with you BTC blowers , whatever you blower calls or puts , I can earned more profit without any risk. I'll try it tomorrow. hahahaha~Comment: They only have call or put option. and Expire day is big trouble. If there is not enough people come in and take away those calls and puts in current situation. Let it go, let it go.... hahaha~~~~Comment: my short position already being filled. Zero risk ,now. good night! Let it go and let it go....Comment: thank you blowers, I already got your gift, hahaComment: DOUBLE TOP is what your guys designed. hahahaComment: I'll take my profit on 27 March and kick your ass on the second topComment: I'm building the second bottom, I appreciate whatever you've done and you'll do. but rememberer working hard, hahaha~~~~~~~~~Comment: blowers, you can ask your boss to change system configuration, let me test mine. hahaha~~~~~Comment: I'm waiting another red bar, haha~~~~~~~~Comment:Comment:Comment: I'm not buying any put or call now, you blowers just do what you want . haha~~Comment: see you below 26000 soon, haha~~~~~Comment: I'll be wiped out if you can blower up and touch the second top today. hahaha~~~~~~Comment:Comment: fishing fishing let it go let it go... let's take a break and have coffee. hahahaha~~~~Comment:Comment: you see , you buy put or buy call options, once you trade BTC, they'll earn money. and only being fished short or call will lost money. but now it's ZERO risk for me to pickup gift .haha~~~Comment: BTC blowers, there is still a bit room, keep working hard.Comment: Reverse direction in such narrow period? if you just do such a bit adjustment in your model. that's nothing for me but more profit. hahaha~~~~~~~Comment:Comment:Comment: if really want to short it , short over there . around 2:00pm, just my money your decision.Comment: hahaha~~~~~ good jobComment: I'll dump all to your blower before 27 and take my profit. do not expect to burn me. no way, I'm zero risk, told you already! hahahaComment: again, there is time limitation for you blowers, do not expect to fish back more put right now.Comment: and I also warning those who expects using Options to earn big money, disaster will come to you very soon!!!! whatever call or put options you bought. hahah~~~~~~~Comment:Comment: take profit and play next run till 27. do not be greedy. still have chance to get cheap one. why not?Comment: locale to remote volumes will become more heavy start from todayComment:Comment:Comment:Comment:Comment: Trade safety. Do not be too greedy.Trade closed manuallyComment:Comment: Ref my comment on March 23 " I'll dump all to your blower before 27 and take my profit." haha~~ I guess there should be a dead cat bounce accompanying with index's window dressing. again, trade safety and do not too greedy!Comment: is that breaking out? I don't know, any advice?Comment: I won't do anything just wait till April 13/14.Let's see what will happen. unless they adjust their setting. Trade safety and good luck!Comment: Going down now and after 4-5 days bounce up and second head will be setup there. I'll short it on between 13-14 next month. haha~~Comment: Today They slap BTC puts and tomorrow hammer on calls. How much they already collected from BTC money pool . Just like bond market, I don't know how many funds will bankrupt very soon. Shearing....Shearing... Let it go... let it go...Comment: clear all puts and calls. next month will come back. hahaComment: Again, trade safety!!!! I was told in my childhood " A dog will bite in a hurry".Comment: Be patient. If you'd like small bite, you can try it .but do not be too greedy and do it intraday only. I'll wait till it entering maximum profitable range and it'll come soon.Comment:Comment: it might be final sell point on daily time frame.Comment: Trade with efficient strategies. Trade safety and good luck.Comment: I already setup my puts and call. just wait .Comment: Extendable pivot is the only way for its trend turning up.Comment:Comment: Be patient!!!Comment:Comment: bye,BTCComment:Comment:Comment: Be aware of "A dog will bite in a hurry". Rolling over till April 13 if you do not trade on evening market. and I'll load more short position in earlier morning on April 14Comment:Comment: I can not help laughing...Comment: dividend? that's nothing but short positions. hahaha~~~Comment: trade safety with smart strategies.Comment:Comment: thanks, 30012 being filled. no more puts. Good job!Comment: I still hold 3 BTC short positions@29780/29880/30012.. Holding your BTC call and keep blowing . hahaha~~Comment: Thank you for blowing BTC on evening market and sent me so much profit. but the blowing way is too stupid. it changed nothing but sent me gift. Good night and see you tomorrow! haha~~~Comment:Comment:Comment: Short it today and tonight, you won't regret. just my advice.Comment: BTC blowers, do not waste time, pump on today's evening market.Comment: Round10, KO! , can we go to 31580? please.Comment: what happened? there still have room for you to blower up. BTC blowers ,show me your power.please. I'm waiting.. thanksComment: Where is BTC blower? you still have chance to pump it to 32k. if there is not enough calls, you guys can short US$ directly. haha~~Comment: Still have room, hope it can stand above 315800 till this Thursday.Comment: closed short positions except @30580 and wait the next turn. big game will come very soon.Comment: BTC blowers, keep working hard and it still can re-touch previous high, otherwise there will be no more chance for BTC standing above 30k.Comment: Even it's so ugly, I still close my last short position @30580. I'd take these profit to trade Uvxy now and will be back it if can stand above 30k. hahahaha~~~~~~~~Comment: BTC blowers , keep working hard. it looks like there should be a little re-bounce.Comment: good luck!Comment: I wish apple can touch 169.94 before May 3rd. then I'll short BITC with all profit I've earned from it ,pump higher , short more before June 30,Comment:Comment: Cherish the moment, it won't keep too long before Apple prostrate to169.Comment: Respect market trend.. Don't think it for granted and expect too much in your own way. Earn money and get profit. no matter if you are bull or bear omg, Market rewarded me too much . thanks . haha~~Comment: It looks like the big money is moving out, not only BTC section.but it'll take time . maybe that's why BTC always go up on evening market . this is just my observing and I still need to follow market trend to do daily trading. Trade safety and good luck!Comment: game overComment: RED alert!!! apple 169 touch downComment: Do not drop into the same blackhole in the same way. Trade safety and good luck!Comment:
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    افزونه سهمتو افزونه سهمتو ابزاری رایگان است که بر روی مرورگر کروم نصب می شود و اطلاعات جذابی برای تحلیل سهام بر اساس اطلاعات شبکه‌ اجتماعی می دهد. برای دریافت رایگان افزونه سهمتو میتوانید به اینجا مراجعه کنید:
    چرا باید افزونه سهمتو را نصب کنید؟ صرفه جویی در زمان تحلیل تلگرام در یک نگاه تکمیل سایت های بورسی
    بیشتر بخوانید:
    افزونه بورسی سهمتو: کل تلگرام در یک نگاه
    با افزونه بورس سهمتو، سه بعدی تحلیل کن!
  • سوالات متداول

    سایت سهمتو اطلاعات کانال های شبکه اجتماعی مانند تلگرام را جمع آوری می کند و بر اساس توصیه های خرید و فروشی که هر تریدر برای سهام بورسی مانند:شستا وخودرو وخساپا وفملی وشبندر وشپنا و ارزهای دیجیتال مانندبیت کوین ,اتریوم ,کاردانو ,شیبا، و... صادر میکند، آنها را رتبه بندی میکند.

    1- بیت کوین چیست؟

    بیت کوین (bitcoin) پول مجازی بر پایه بلاچین است که به پادشاه ارزهای دیجیتال هم معروف است. بیت کوین (BTC) تاریخچه دور و درازی دارد که می توانید در (این بخش ) بخوانید.

    2- قیمت روز بیت کوین چقدر است؟

    در حال حاضر قیمت هر بیت کوین به تتر (tether) و تومان را می توانید از صفحه اختصاصی سهمتو بیت کوین مطلع شوید.

    3- شاخص ترس و طمع بیت کوین امروز چیست و در چه حالتی قرار دارد؟

    شاخص ترس و طمع بیت کوین به شما کمک می کند برای معامله بهتر تصمیم گیری کنید و مقدار را می توانید از صفحه اختصاصی سهمتو بیت کوین مطلع شوید.

    4- سود روزانه بیت کوین چیست و چقدر می باشد؟

    درصد تغییرات قیمت لحظه ای بیت کوین نسبت به دیروز را سود روزانه می گویند که می توانید سود روزانه را از صفحه اختصاصی سهمتو مطلع شوید.

    5- بهترین ارز دیجیتال برای سرمایه گذاری چه ارز دیجیتالی است؟

    در صفحه برگزیده‌ها در سهمتو می‌توانید بهترین ارز دیجیتال برای سرمایه گذاری را مشاهده کنید.

    6- بهترین تریدر ارز دیجیتال کیست؟ و چه عملکردی دارد؟

    در صفحه برترین تریدرها در سهمتو می‌توانید بهترین تریدر ارز دیجیتال را شناسایی کنید و در صفحه اختصاصی آن عملکرد تریدر نیز مشخص است.

    7- اخبار فوری ارزهای دیجیتال را چگونه پیدا کنیم؟

    در صفحه هر ارز دیجیتال مانندبیت کوین ,اتریوم ،کاردانو ، سولاناشیبا... می‌توانید به سرعت تمام اخبار مرتبط با هر ارز دیجیتال را مشاهده کنید.

    8-چگونه در ارز دیجیتال سرمایه گذاری کنیم؟

    برای سرمایه گذاری در ارزهای دیجیتال می توانید با استفاده روش غیر مستقیمکپی ترید کارخودتون را شروع کنید و اولین بیت کوین و یا هر ارز دیجیتال دیگه‌ای را با کمک تریدرهای حرفه ای بخرید.

    9- برای خرید بیت کوین از کجا شروع کنیم؟

    برای خرید اولین بیت کوین خود باید در یکی از صرافی های ایرانی و خارجیثبت نام کنید و از آنجا اولین بیت کوین خود را بخرید. همچنین شما در بخش سهام بورسی سهمتو می توانید: سیگنال خرید و تحلیل شستا،سیگنال خرید و تحلیل شپنا، سیگنال خرید و تحلیل شبندر، سیگنال خرید و تحلیل ذوب، سیگنال خرید و تحلیل لپارس، سیگنال خرید و تحلیل انرژی 3، سیگنال خرید و تحلیل خودرو، سیگنال خرید و تحلیل خساپا و سهم های دیگر مثل خبهمن، فمراد، شتران، غدام، خگستر را ببینید.

    10- افزونه بورس سهمتو چیست؟

    برای خرید اولین بیت کوین خود باید در یکی از صرافی های ایرانی و خارجیافزونه سهمتو ابزاری رایگان است که بر روی مرورگر کروم نصب می شود و اطلاعات جذابی برای تحلیل سهام بر اساس اطلاعات شبکه‌ اجتماعی می دهد. و می توانید از این لینک به راحتی نصب کنید: +لینک

    11 - چرا باید سهمتو را نصب کنید؟

    1. صرفه جویی در زمان 2. تحلیل تلگرام در یک نگاه 3. تکمیل سایت های بورسی(اطلاعات بیشتر)

    12. قابلیت‌های افزونه سهمتو چیست؟

    • مشاهده امتیاز خرید و فروش هر سهم در شبکه اجتماعی
    • مشاهده فیلتر خرید و فروش بر اساس اطلاعات شبکه اجتماعی
    • مشاهده تعداد کل سیگنالهای ارائه شده سهام
    • مشاهده تعداد سیگنال خرید سهام
    • مشاهده تعداد سیگنال فروش سهام
    اطلاعات بیشتر

    سوالات متداول
  • قوانین
    سیاست‏‌های رعایت حریم شخصی
    سهمتو به اطلاعات خصوصی اشخاصى که از خدمات سایت استفاده می‏‌کنند، احترام گذاشته و از آن محافظت می‏‌کند.
    توافقنامه استفاده از سهمتو:
    این توافقنامه شامل قوانین و مقرراتی است که میان سهمتو و کاربران آن وجود دارد. رعایت این قوانین برای فعالیت در سهمتو الزامی است و ثبت نام در سایت به منزله پذیرش مفاد این توافقنامه است.
    فعالیت سایت سهمتو در چارچوب قوانین جمهوری اسلامی است و انجام هر گونه فعالیتی که بر اساس فهرست کارگروه تعیین مصادیق محتوای مجرمانه تخلف محسوب شود، ممنوع است.
    نام و نام خانوادگی اعلام شده حین ثبت نام، به عنوان شناسه پروفایل کاربر ثبت میشود. لذا کاربران باید از نام و نام خانوادگی صحیح و متعارف استفاده کنند.
    کاربران موظف هستند هنگام ثبت نام، شماره تماس و آدرس پست الکترونیک معتبر اعلام نمایند تا برای اطلاع رسانی های سایت با مشکل مواجه نشوند.
    امکان تغییر شماره تماس ثبت شده هنگام ثبت نام، برای کاربران وجود ندارد.
    هر شماره تماس و آدرس پست الکترونیک، تنها یک مرتبه امکان ثبت نام در سهمتو را دارد.
    سهمتو هیچ گونه فعالیتی در زمینه سیگنال دهی یا تبلیغ سهام و شرکتهای مختلف انجام نمیدهد و تنها سیگنالهای ارائه شده در شبکه های اجتماعی را منتشر و ارزیابی میکند.
    سهمتو هیچ گونه مسئولیتی در قبال صحت و کیفیت تحلیلها و سیگنالهای اعلام شده در شبکه های اجتماعی ندارد.
    آمار و تحلیلهای ارائه شده در سهمتو نباید مبنای خرید و فروش سهام توسط کاربران قرار بگیرد. عواقب خرید و فروش بر اساس آمار ارائه شده توسط سهمتو، کاملا بر عهده کاربران است و سهمتو هیچ گونه مسئولیتی در قبال زیان احتمالی کاربران نمیپذیرد.
    کلیه حقوق مادی و معنوی سایت، انحصارا متعلق به سهمتو است. هرگونه تقلید، کپی برداری و یا استفاده از تمام یا بخشی از عنوان و طراحی سایت، لوگو، محتوا و هر گونه سوء استفاده از نام و محتوای منتشر شده توسط سهمتو، غیر قانونی است.‎
    اختیار هرگونه طراحی مجدد، ادغام یا توقف ارائه خدمات در هر زمان و به هر علتی برای مجموعه سهمتو محفوظ است. بنابراین مسئولیتی بابت زیان احتمالی کاربران، متوجه سهمتو نمی‌شود.
    سهمتو این حق را برای خود محفوظ میداند که تمامی بند های قوانین و مقررات را متناسب با نظر خود ویرایش کند.
    قوه قهریه: تمامی شرایط و قوانین مندرج، در شرایط عادی قابل اجرا است و در صورت بروز هرگونه از موارد قوه قهریه، مجموعه بورس ترند هیچ گونه مسئولیتی ندارد.
  • درباره ما
    سهمتو برای سرمایه گذاران در بورس :
    افراد برای سرمایه گذاری در بورس یا وقت کافی برای جمع آوری اطلاعات ندارند یا دانش کافی جهت تحلیل بورس را ندارند.
    سهمتو برای تریدرها در بورس :
    تریدرها برای سود کردن بیشتر نیاز دارند همه اطلاعات بازار را به موقع داشته باشند ولی قادر دنبال کردن همه کانال ها نیستند و معیاری برای سنجش کانال ها هم ندارند.
    سهمتو کمک میکند تا هر آنچه نیاز است از اطلاعات بورسی و شبکه اجتماعی برای انتخاب سهم خوب، خرید و فروش و زمان خوب معامله را در اختیار مخاطبان قرار دهد.
    شما میتوانید نمادهای برگزیده سهمتو را در صفحه برگزیده‌ها مشاهده کنید
    همچنین میتوانید نمادهای خود را به دیده بان اضافه کنید تا همیشه از آخرین خبر های مربوط به آن ها باخبر شوید
    تیم سهمتو از هسته های زیر تشکیل شده است:
    تیم متخصصان بازار سرمایه
    تیم هوش مصنوعی
    تیم نرم افزار
    تیم توسعه کسب و کار
    برای همکاری با سهمتو رزومه خود را به ما ایمیل کنید.
    درباره ما
  • کپی ترید؛ سرمایه گذاری آسان در بازار ارز دیجیتال
    خودت وقت نمیکنی ترید بزنی؟
    با سامانه کپی ترید سهمتو بذار یه حرفه ای بجات ترید کنه سامانه کپی ترید سهمتو در هر لحظه به صورت خودکار تمامی معاملات معامله‌ گران با تجربه بازار ارز دیجیتال را برای شما کپی خواهد کرد. پس از مدیریت پرتفوی خود توسط افراد حرفه ای مطمئن باشید و به صورت خودکار سود کنید برای اطلاعات بیشتر کلیک کنید:
    1. پرداخت کارمزد بعد از تسویه و از روی سود و کارمزد صفر سهمتو در صورت سودآوری کمتر از بانک
    2. سرمایه‌گذاری در بازار ارز دیجیتال بدون دانش و وقت و ثبت نام و تسویه آنلاین دارایی بدون مراجعه حضوری
    3. امکان مقایسه بهترین تریدر بر اساس سود و سوابق معامله و کپی شدن معاملات حرفه‌ای‌ها در کمتر از ثانیه برای کپی‌کنندگان
    مطالعه بیشتر:
    چطور با کپی ترید بیشتر سود کنیم؟
    روش های آسان سرمایه گذاری سودآور و بدون دردسر
    8 تمایز کلیدی بازار بورس و ارزهای دیجیتال
  • داده های شبکه اجتماعی را نیز به تحلیل خود اضافه کنید
    برای پیگیری اخبار و تحلیل‌های مربوطه چه جایی بهتر از تلگرام!
    اما از یک طرف تعداد کانال‌های بورسی تلگرام آنقدر زیاد هست که شما برای جا نماندن از اخبار و تحلیل‌ها باید به عضویت تعداد بسیار زیادی کانال و گروه در آیید. شما نمیتوانید تمام در تمام کانال‌های بورسی عضو شوید و هزاران پیام را مطالعه کنید تا خبری از سهم‌تان بدست بیاورید. از سوی دیگر برای مطالعه این پیام‌ها در زمان بازار باید از سایت بورس خارج شوید و در تلگرام به مطالعه این اخبار و اطلاعات بپردازید. افزونه سهمتو هر دوم مشکل شما حل کرده است و کاری که شما می‌خواستید انجام دهید را افزونه سهمتو انجام داده البته به شکلی مدرن‌تر! حتما الان این سوال برای شما پیش اومد که افزونه سهمتو چیست و چطور کار می‌کند؟

تمام حقوق برای شرکت سهمتو محفوظ میباشد 1401